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Check your feelings by Aimour

Do you like someone?

Let AI help you to check out how much you find the person handsome or beautiful.

Aimour applies recent advances in Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision to understand your personal attractiveness preferences towards the gender you prefer and predict how much you are attracted to the person through his or her photo.

In order to estimate how much you like the girl ot guy, Aimour applies AI to analyse the photos you just rated and makes conclusions about what type of guys/girls you prefer, then calculates how the person’s face on the photo uploaded by you matches your visual preferences.

How it works

  • Dot Select the gender you prefer
  • Dot Rate 15 suggested photos from 1 to 100%
  • Dot Upload the photo of the person you want to check out and AI determines how much you like him or her
  • Dot Let friends know your awesome result by sharing as a message or a post on any social networks

Find out how much you like a celebrity

Wanna know how much you are attracted to a celebrity? Try this and share it with your friends as a message or post!